Time recording smartphone

Modern time recording on the move with the ClickTime mobile app. Everything you need is included, such as time recording, duty scheduling, order planning, expenses, etc.

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Time recording smartphone at a glance

Time recording

All time recording functions can be done on the smartphone. Working hours, absences, holiday applications, recording of project work and balance queries. The scope of the permitted functions can be set individually per employee or employee group.

Fast acquisition at the touch of a button

Sometimes it has to be very simple. At the touch of a button, working time can be started and stopped or selected projects can be called up directly based on templates.

Expense recording

In addition to working hours, expenses can also be recorded directly with the smartphone. In this way, the expenses are recorded directly on the road and everything is done in the evening. Existing receipts are simply photographed and added to the expense entry.

Duty and shift schedule

Anyone who is assigned to the duty or shift schedule can see the current status of their personal weekly schedule at any time. In addition, the schedule of the entire team is also displayed as an overview, so that everyone is informed. In addition, appointments or further information on the shifts are also displayed.

Order planning

In order planning, each employee's orders are displayed daily, where a lot of information about the order can also be accessed. Comments and pictures can also be entered directly on the smartphone and added to the order. Once the order is finished, the status of the order can be changed to completed directly on the smartphone.

Approval of requests

If the supervisor is on the road or abroad, he or she can still view and approve holidays and other requests for absences from employees on the smartphone. This means that nothing is left undone and the requests are processed immediately.

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