Stamp clocks and terminals

With electronic time recording using a stationary time clock, employees' attendance times are simply recorded as they pass by.

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Stamp clocks and terminals at a glance 

Mixed use

Time recording with ClickTime can be done with different devices of stamp clocks and terminals. In addition to the PC or smartphone, one or more time clocks can be used. These devices can be used together for clocking in and clocking out. The local conditions and the simplicity of use are always decisive.

Balance enquiry, daily recording

The enquiry of holiday balance, flexitime or overtime can easily be done at the terminal. The system displays the current balance of yesterday on the terminal. At the same time, the already completed punches of the current day can always be displayed.

Transmission via mobile network

Normally, the devices have a SIM card for the network radio in order to be able to transmit the data. This means that the devices can be placed flexibly and only require a power connection. Of course, devices with LAN or Wlan connections can also be used.

Recording of order data

If, in addition to the working times, order data must also be transmitted, a scanner can be added to the terminal to scan the order or project numbers and any activities. This way, the times are exactly assigned to the orders and facilitate the corresponding post-calculation.

Integration with access control

If an access system is already in use that uses badges, the terminals can be equipped with the same readers, such as Legic, Mifare, etc. This means that the employee only needs one badge to operate both systems. This means that the employee only needs one badge to be able to operate both systems.

The Evo 3.5 our standard device

The EVO 3.5 time terminal is the best choice for price-conscious customers. It sets new standards in the price/performance ratio without any functional limitations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, data is recorded quickly and accurately and transmitted immediately to ClickTime in the data centre. Depending on requirements, other devices can also be used.

Further devices depending on the application are available

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