Integration and interfaces

Our modern system enables the simple exchange of information that is integrated into ClickTime from third-party systems or read into other systems from ClickTime. This enables you to achieve greater efficiency and a secure exchange of data. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and useful areas of application.

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Integration and interfaces at a glance 

Interface to payroll system for payments

With the module integration and interfaces our system includes easy integration with any payroll system to transmit hours of hourly workers, Sunday shifts, on-call shifts, etc. and make them available for payment. The simple mapping allows high flexibility in terms of data structures and data formats to easily adapt.

Takeover of employees at larger customers

If the master data is imported automatically for a larger number of employees, ClickTime also offers the corresponding solution. On the one hand, the master data of the employees is taken over and on the other hand, the employments that are on the time axis. Our standard integration can be flexibly adapted to third-party systems.


If accruals are made regularly for vacation balances and flexitime or overtime, the necessary balances can be exported to Excel. For larger quantities or frequent use, specific export files can be created for third-party systems.

Transmission of project data

If the order data is assigned at the same time as the time recording, the data can be automatically imported into ClickTime for many new orders. For this purpose, the ERP regularly exports the changes.

Transmission of times to ERP

When times are recorded on projects or cost centers, they can subsequently also be written back to the ERP / project system. These are used, for example, for the billing of services or the post-calculation.d for the billing of services or post-calculation.

Connection of third party systems

The data from ClickTime can also be reused in other third-party systems as needed, such as in a BI system. With the flexibility of ClickTime, any third party system can be connected if it makes sense and adds value.

We will be happy to advise you or you can test our solution for 30 days.