Expense management

Our Expense management allows easy recording of expenses together with daily working hours. Either with the recording on the PC or on the smartphone.

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Expense management at a glance

Expense types

In our expense management the different types of expenses can be recorded in detail with the individually opened expense types. Whether it is mileage allowance, lunch, coffee, office supplies, etc.. If the expenses are compensated per event, the rates can be stored directly.

Automatic expenses and allowances

If an expense claim arises automatically due to recorded hours such as travel time, these expenses can also be created automatically by the system with rules. This is also possible for allowances for shift work to calculate daily or monthly allowances.

Document scanning

The receipts of the expenses can be collected in the original and attached to the expense report and then handed over to the supervisor or the accounting department. However, they can also be scanned and stored when the expenses are entered. This eliminates the need to file the original receipts.

Approval process

For the approval of expenses, at the end of the month the employee sends the supervisor an approval request by e-mail and, if required, the printed report with the receipts. This is then approved by the supervisor, which means that no more changes are possible by the employee in the approved month. changes are possible by the employee.

Payout via interface

The expenses can be exported at the end of the month together with any hours to be paid out. These are then imported into a payroll system. This simplifies the payment process for larger amounts of data and reduces the number of typing errors.

Projects and cost centres

Depending on the requirements, the expenses can also be assigned to projects or cost centers. Thus, these characteristics can be taken over for further processing.

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