Duty & shift planning

Plan the deployment of your employee teams for the coming weeks and months for the required presence times and deployment locations. Transfer the planned times to time recording. Employees receive the always up-to-date schedules and deployment information directly on their smartphone.

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Functions of Duty & Shift Planning at a glance

Personnel resource planning

In the duty & shift planning, you simply assign the existing shifts and duties to the employees using drag and drop. Either on a weekly basis or in the monthly overview. Several shifts can be planned in one day, even over midnight. If required, the planned times can also be transferred to the time recording.

Planning groups

Divide your employees into different teams or work groups. This allows them to be planned by different planners or facilitates the planning of different categories of employees. An employee can also be planned in more than one group.

Definition of shifts, duty assignments

Any shift models can be created and inserted into the planning. Plan daily shifts or entire weekly shifts, which can be freely combined and flexibly modified as required. In addition, rules can also be stored in order to delimit the working times according to planning.

Appointments, additional information

Depending on requirements, appointments such as a team meeting can also be created in the planning or additional information regarding the planned shift can be recorded in each planning element. This allows the employee to call up his necessary information on his smartphone at any time.

Planning on the smartphone

When a planning period has been completed, it can be released so that the employee can also call it up on the smartphone. In doing so, they can see their personal weekly planning as well as the planning of the entire team. Of course, a planning can also be printed out and made available to the employees.

Shift allowances

If corresponding allowances are paid out due to shifts worked, these can be calculated automatically by the system. This also applies to time bonuses if work is done on weekends or overnight.

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Planning on the smartphone

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